Mona Scott-Young Responds to Rumors of Tommie Not Filming for Reunion

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When rumors got out that Tommie wasn’t filming for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion people were about to boycott! We all know that Tommie is psychotic! With this onimagely being her first season on the show she has made a name for herself. From jumping up on Scrap Deleon like a spider-monkey and jumping up on a kitchen counter to get to Karla Redd.


Mona Scott-Young was getting a lashing on Twitter and Instagram from fans upset that she wouldn’t be cutting up on the reunion. Because in all honesty, we wanna see somebody go in. After Stevie J & Joseline terrorized the stage on season 3. We’re looking for Tommie to do something similar lol.

Tommie took up for Mona and said that she hasn’t been anything but nice to her and we should leave her alone.

Tommie, you better defend Mona Scott! Mona was unbothered by the rumors and the attacks and paid them on Instagram. She just let it be known that the rumors were not true.

“When I heard that I banned Tommie from attending the reunion”. ???#PleaseGetOffMyTimeLineWithThatBS

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The Queen of Ratchet TV has spoken! Now leave her the F*CK alone so she can continue to serve us ratchet television.

The reunion is set to be filmed next week. With Joseline threatening to expose Stevie J we can only wait patiently has the ratchetness is being documented for our viewing pleasure.


Did you believe the rumors of Tommie not filming for the reunion?