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My Bad Parts | Empire S2 Ep8

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I’m ready to Gooooooooooo!!! Sing Jamal!!!!! With that goat in your throat!



Freda aka TasiaLoaf calls out Hakeem for a battle!! Being that Hakeem is really a performer, not a battle rapper so I’m interested in how he is going to handle her.


BooBoo Kitty is pregnant and I is the PAPI! Hakeem done got BooBoo Kitty pregnant and she don’t know what to do since he don’t want her. BooBoo Kitty imageyou better take your a** down to the Planned Parenthood before the republicans shut it down lol.






Freda & Hakeem battle it out and personally I thought Freda had it in the bag until Hakeem pulled them stunts and shows! Hakeem denounces his last name says he wants to only be called by his first name.





The Queen of eating booty like groceries Vivica Fox shows up as Cookies’ sister. Hopefully, we see more of Candace and learn what is her true motive. When are we going to meet Cookie’s mother?


Hakeem calls the lead singer of Senorita’s child a Uber and BooBoo Kitty done stole Hazel E’s wig and used it as a disguise to kidnap her! Why she kidnap her is my question and we won’t find out till next week’s Fall Finale.

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What did you all think of tonight’s episode of Empire?