New Music: DJ Khaled Drops “Top Off” Featuring Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Future [LISTEN]

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Beyoncé finally came out of hiding to let us know once again what’s the real tea. Take a listen to DJ Khaled new single featuring Jay-Z, Beyoncé & Future and tell us what you think.

I’m conflicted as of now. Check out some of the reactions from social media.

As you remember Tiffany Haddish shared her story of meeting Bey and watching her almost have to check an actress for touching her man’s chest. They’re saying that the non-disclosure part is cute shade towards Tiffany. YIKES!

I’m back. After listening 4 more times the song leaves me feeling nothing but, you will see me move a shoulder or two if the liquor is right and I’m in the club. Beyoncé rapping and bragging is always gold because it doesn’t happen much. She did have the best verse let’s be honest. Jay-Z came off as rapping preacher who wants extra coin for the building fund and Future reminded of a fire drill necessary for aesthetic but annoying. I only have one question…

Did Bey & Jay sign some type of deal with Khaled or something?


What did you think? Is it a summer bop?