A One Night Stand with Trade Turns into Love@FirstNight! New Webseries

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What happens when you have a random one night stand with trade and fall in love with him? We’ve all been there some more than others No Shade. Well, Spencer and Jayden tell us their story of falling in loving relationship after a one-night hookup. From the creators who brought you the fabulous web series No Shade, they are back and haven’t lost their creativity and comedic touch!

“Love@FirstNight” is a scripted romantic comedy based web series about 2 men finding love after a hook up. Although their connection is seamless, they can’t escape the issues affecting their blossoming relationship. Spencer and Jayden walks us through the stages of their petty unconventional love story. Premiering June 2016.

From the outside looking in, Spencer and Jayden appear to be the cliche. Two young black men hooking up after a house party. However, their story takes a unique twist once they realize their attraction for each other is more than a one night stand. One night turns into a weekend of pillow talk, fun, engagement and passion that sometimes takes months to create. Almost instantly they recognize that their connection shouldn’t be ignored, but no good thing is met without resistance.

A petty love story!!! Yasssss!!! Take a look below!

I can’t tell if they’re in a relationship or not! I will definitely be tuned in!

Love@FirstNight will premiere June 2016


Do you believe you can have sex on the first night and fall in love with someone? I’ve been trying for years still haven’t been successful… Oh well