Not So Fast! Jeffree Star Clapsback at YouTube Vlogger for Makeup Review

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Jeffree Star clapped at YouTuber RockyRoadKill for a review on his makeup line ‘Skin Frost’! Now it’s funny because Jeffree was just dragging Kylie for having unsatisfactory makeup.


To add insult to injury the video isn’t what it seems. Looking at the title you would think that the YouTuber was about to go in on his product but it was completely different.

RockRoadKill was explaining a terrible accident that happened that caused him from reviewing the product. Chile Jeffree ain’t here for the games and let him know it in the comments. The comment is deleted now but of course, we got the screenshot.


GOOOPED! The video was not taking away from Jeffree’s product! He was going to review it until it fell out and caused him not to be able to use it. I’m guessing Jeffree didn’t get a chance to look at the full video before the dragging. Chile he deleted that comment FASTA THAN THIS! It’s too late! The damage is done.

Fans were disappointed in the response but I can say this. Being in this type of spotlight will have you thinking that everyone is after you. Now homegirl tried it with the title. She might have tried to play to get views but Jeffree was not feeling it. Hopefully, he can reach out to him and apologize for the misunderstanding.


Does somebody owe somebody an apology or Nah?