Now Paging Dr. Love! : 18 Year Old Dr. Denies All Accusations & Storms out of Interview

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On this season of Married to Medicine! Lmfao! What in the entire hell is going on with this man!

After taking over the internet and trending worldwide the famous ‘Dr. Love’ Malachi Love-Robinson is giving interviews and acting as if he did nothing wrong. Dr. Love lies so well for a second I thought he was telling the truth.

imageAt the age of 18, he claims to have obtained his bachelor’s, passed the MCAT, completed medical school, earned a license and completed his residency. Chile Dr. Love must’ve completed the Harry Potter book series and started reading Game of Thrones while being breastfed.

Dr. Love has also been under investigation for stealing checks from an elderly woman. It’s been reporting that he cleared the woman’s checking account after diagnosing her with Arthritis and prescribing her some over the counter Tylenol!


His Grandfather brought him to this interview! I need to see and talk to him! I need answers! He sounds so intelligent it would make you think that he is a doctor. When asked about his training he said that he has followed doctors. I’m not sure if he’s talking about following some of Grey’s Anatomy cast on twitter.

In the interview, you can see when talking his eyes move fast from side to side. There has to be something deeper going on with this young man. Black History month is almost over and he wants to go down as the black Doogie Howser.

We are going to pray for ‘Dr. Love’ and wish him the best, nothing but the blood and a straight jacket can help him at this point. Bless.



Will you be making an appointment with Dr. Love after these allegations are cleared up?