Omarosa to Trump Protestors ‘You Get What’s Coming to You’

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Omarosa the queen of mean and the only living woman to gather Wendy Williams has something to say to the people protesting at her former boss’s rallies. In an interview with Chris Mathews Omarosa spoke on the recent violent protests at Trump’s rally in Chicago. She had some interesting comments on the individuals who prevented the cancelled event in Chicago.

“Donald can’t be responsible for every single person that comes to his rally,” she said. “Listen, you have a right to go into a closed, private event and you get what is coming to you. I do not condone violence. If you go into an environment where you’re interrupting 13, 14 times, do you expect a hug or ‘Kumbaya’?”

Now I didn’t eximagepect Omarosa to be a democrat but her thoughts on this made me question her sanity. This man, her boss or massa or whatever she wants to call him this week has been frying french fries on high heat and the grease is popping his ass.

If Omarosa wants to say that the protestors are getting what they deserved then Trump should get what he deserves as well. Chicken or the egg? Who started what? No other presidential candidate is experiencing this so why him? I’m also guessing that she believes that the young black man who walked up the steps without putting on his hands on anyone deserved to get punched as well? Omarosa you’re a fool and you will lose everything supporting a bigot like him. Check out the little exchange below.

What do you think of Omarosa and recent comments on Trump?