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Party in a Sweatbox | Real Housewives of Atlanta S8 EP3 RECAP

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SHADE! SHADE! & MORE SHADE!!! Phaedra still complaining, talking about Apollo’s stuff being in Kandi’s garage. Kandi should have a garage sale and whatever money is made should pay the debt off that Phaedra supposedly owes her.



Kim Fields tell her husband about the Kenya’s launch party and I am just not sure what’s his tea… He seems to be a good guy so far but listening to Kim talk to him makes me think he’s her assistant.




Kenya has a H2O Hair Care launch party with no product. Kenya how in the hell are you going to have a launch party for purple bottles filled with your tears, hopes and dreams? Kenya when are we going to get any of your product? We’ve been waiting for 2 years now.
closedSmallBusinessCynthia & Peter marriage is on the rocks much like her credit score after all these closing tea shops and bars. Hopefully, Cynthia & Peter can get it together before it gets to the point of no return. Cynthia said she hasn’t talked to Peter for a whole week. How have you not talked to your husband that long!


Sheree and Kenya have a discussion about the argument they had at Cynthia’s launch party. Sheree calls Kenya out and tells her she is wrong and Sheree gathers her edges in the confessional. Sheree said basically that she can’t trust anybody who is still wearing colored contacts in 2015 and that Kenya is sneaky. Seems like Sheree already knows what’s up.


Next week’s episode seems to be the one where Cynthia & Porsha get into an alleged altercation and kicked Porsha in the stomach. I’m ready for it.


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