Patti Says She Sold Them Pies “On My Own…” but thanks “James Wright”

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On my Own!!!!! Something in my heart always knew that Patti Labelle was shady but d*mn Patti !!!!


Walmart is completely out of Patti Pies as far I know! I went to 2 – 3 Walmarts in search for the sweet shady pies but after this recent :50-second interview TMZ did with Patti…. Let’s just say I’m not as interested in the pies.

Patti said basically that she is responsible for the sales of her pies but we know better. I knew nothing about the pies until seeing James Wright video Patti Pies.

Let’s be honest black people do not eat store bought pies Madea ain’t playing them games.


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In all honesty, Patti doesn’t owe James Wright anything but it looks bad. As of now we’ve only seen her Skype call him to thank him nothing else. Patti! Ms. Patti this is not looking good on your end unless you have blessed this man and we haven’t seen it. But I will say this….

Patti if you don’t reach inside your purse right next to the tissue and peppermints and give this man some coins! None of us heard about this basic a** undercooked pies! I know you don’t know what viral means so let me explain it. It means people are checking for it. I have not seen one commercial, not one coupon from Walmart, not any promotion on these sugarless pies. Patti do something more than a phone call from your JitterBug phone before I call Aretha Franklin!