Political Expert Waka Flocka Tweets President Obama Doesn’t Count As A “REAL” Black President

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Waka Flocka famous for rapping about Moscato and occasionally making appearances on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with his on and off again wife Tammy had some time on twitter today.

Flocka doesn’t think President Obama is a “REAL” black president. I’m trying my best to see what’s his definition of black. Nonetheless, Waka Flocka tried his best to prove his points.

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I’m not sure if Waka is high of syrup or high experiencing technical difficulties with his phone but somebody come get it.

“When will America get a president that don’t see race or money?” That question is dangerous. I believe it’s important to see color and if you see color you will definitely see money. You will be able to see some races have more than others.

I’m not sure where Flocka is going with this. It sounds like some of the ignorant conversations that go on in barbershops that I make sure to tone out with my music whenever I go.

Flocka posted a note to explain himself more on his reasons for tweeting his opinion on President Obama.


President and chief?


Commander & Chief! 

After reading this tragic excuse for a paragraph. Flocka couldn’t write me a grocery or to-do list let alone expect me to hear his thoughts on the political system.



Do you think Waka Flocka had a point? Or is he high off synthetic broccoli?