“Post to be” is one of the greatest R&B collaborations ever” -Omarion….

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The Grammy’s announced their nominations and like always some artists were not happy.

Omarion took to twitter to let people know that booty-eating songs matter and we will deal!



Omarion is pressedT and trust me I understand. I want to be nominated for Best New Blog lol. “Post To Be” is cute don’t get me wrong I’m twerking and poppin’ at the bar right now listening to it. It isn’t Grammy nomination worthy though, Omarion. You were nominated for “Best Collab” on the Soul Train Awards 2015 and you didn’t even attend.

Black Artists should be nominated for Grammys but when these artists don’t even show up to “black award” shows, it’s sad. Stop asking for validation from these white other awards shows and support your own.

Omarion, it can be argued that your song did cute because of Chris Brown. “Post To Be” sounds like a lot like other songs that have been put out this year so please think before you tweet.

Anyway listen to “Post To Be” and tell me what award it deserves.

Is “Post To Be” Grammy-worthy?