Prancing Tigerettes Coach Quincy Receives Generous Gift from Parent

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One of our favorite coaches from the hit show Bring It was brought to tears Wednesday afternoon. News Channel 3 in Memphis, TN my hometown does a segment every week where they give someone $300 cash. The person then has to ‘Pass it On’ to someone who isn’t a family member.

The parent Latosha Rogers was emotional as she told the reporter about Quincy aka Papa Q of the many things he does for her child and other teammates. Ms. Rogers daughter Destiny was in a car accident and Quincy was there by her side while she recovered from knee surgery.

Coaches play an important role in character development in young teens and it’s good that someone like Quincy is a mentor to the youth. He told them that he was just sitting in the car thinking about how he was going to pay the rent for the dance studio before Latosha showed up. Everything happens for a reason.


IMG_4428Quincy and his team the Prancing Tigerettes will be in Jackson, MS this weekend performing at the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ competition hosted by the Purple Diamond and of course I will be the glorious MC!