#PrayForParis Is NOT Your Racist Soapbox!

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The attacks on Paris November 13th, 2015 have left 129 killed so far and over 300 injured. Some users on Facebook changed their profile picture to show solidarity and some people were not here for it.


imageChhhh it seems that you can only support one movement at a time in this day and age. Sometimes, I do think people hop on social media trends, but it’s hard to tell who the difference. I myself have never changed my profile picture for anything. Personally I don’t think you have to do all of that to show support for anything. It does seem that the media does give extra attention to “certain people”. Maybe some were just upset at the constant media bias.

It just seems now to be a battle of hashtags and I am nobody’s Pokémon Master. “Black Lives Matter” “Gay Lives Matter” “Turkey Lives Matter” Chhhh at this point all I wanna say is



Please do not get me wrong. I care about the movements and the awareness many of these campaigns have brought. But to be honest, some of these individuals have made Facebook depressing and I’m not here for it.

AdrianXpression summed all of it in exactly 2:16 Check it out below…


So until it’s cleared and they go back to laughing at somebody choke on Patti’s Pies you can catch me on BlackPlanet & MySpace….