President Obama Raised White According to Dr.Ben Carson

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ALL ABOARD THE C**N TRAIN!! And Ben Carson is the little engine that couldn’t get out of the single digits in any of the republican primaries!

Ben Carson who when asked by anyone with a brain isn’t even sure why he is even still running. He gave a radio interview in which he stated that President Obama was raised white and didn’t quite understand the African American experience. He is the best example of book sense but no common sense.


He was once considered the Republican front runner but after they realized he was too good at acting like a white republican they tossed his ass to 6th place. No one is checking for Dr. Carson although your book inspired a lot of little black boys and girls it’s a shame that this is how you think. You can disrespect the first black president all you want but you will still forever be the butt of a white man’s joke.


What do you think coon Dr. Ben Carson’s assessment of President Obama?