R.Kelly Tired of Talking About Sexual Allegations! Walks Off Set

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Now I’m not trying to be rude but I just wanna piss on you! So give me that water jug and let me give you this *cuts record off*! Yess get into my Ignition Remix! R. Kelly is sick of yall asses asking him about his sexual allegations and who he may or may not have urinated on.


The singer sat down with Huffington Post Live to discuss his latest album “The Buffet” which was realeased December 11th exlcusivley on Limeware. Nah I’m kidding but the album isn’t projected to do as well as his previous album sales.

R.Kelly has been in the game too long to not know what’s up. The sexual allegations topic will always come up unless he tells them not to ask and even then, they still might do it. There was a better way to shut the questions down without walking off set. His talent is undeniable but hardly anyone is proteced from questions like this especially when you’re almost irrelevant.

Check out the video below of him storming out the interview. Maybe he had to urinate.


How should R. Kelly have handled this interview?