Rapper BigBoi Thinks Black Women Are Twerking Instead of Raising Their Kids

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*cues Say Fresh, So Clean beat*

Ain’t nobody dumb as me I’m just a misogynist rapper. So dumb and so ignorant.

Big Boi famous for his hit albums with Andre 3000 shared something other than music on Twitter. He believes women in this new time are doing more twerking than raising their kids. I thought it took more than a just a mother to raise a child. I thought it took both parents.

He posted the following on twitter and sure enough as the sky is blue people were not here for it.

Not to be rude to my girl Florida Evans but a lot of women back in that time period were dependent on men. These women often stayed in marriages even when their husbands had other families on the side. Women are more independent now and they are not sticking in dead marriages just because their mothers and grandmothers did.

Takes a village to raise a child. One woman can, in fact, raise a child but we can’t put the responsibility on just black women for the reason some teenagers turn a certain way. A child can have both parents in their lives and still struggle to find their foot in the world.

I’ll just take it as he didn’t mean all that and just was sharing the picture. In fact, a lot of celebrities in his position post random things on social media to remain relevant. Some are paid and some do it to gain followers. BigBoi didn’t get any additional followers from this, however.

No matter if you created it or not you posted it. We have to stop putting the sole responsibility on women to raise kids. In fact, it takes a village all of us to raise the next generation. We all have a part to play in this. Just placing blame does nothing BigBoi it only gets you lit up on social media. Learn from this.




What do you think of BigBoi’s comments?