Rihanna Drops ‘Work’ Featuring Drake! 75 YEARS LATER!

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imageWe’ve been opening doors and searching high and low for ANTI TALENT and we finally get some new music from Rihanna. After several singles, that really didn’t garner much attention she releases ‘Work’ featuring Drake. I guess they waited till Adele’s album went down a little on the charts before dropping it. If you’re looking for it on YouTube you won’t find it. They have it on lock but it is on Tidal & iTunes.


My opinion after listening 5 times is the only thing I’m feeling so far is the beat. Rihanna is very lazy when it comes to music. Not saying she has to write her own but maybe it would help. The lyrics gave me caveman teas but it won’t matter since it’s Rihanna it will bop in the club just because.


Basically but take a listen…

Are we here for ‘Work’ or do the 8 composers on this track need to get back to WORK?