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Rocky Boat Horror Story | Real Housewives of Atlanta S8 Ep4 RECAP

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Just when I was thinking that this Season of Real Housewives of Atlanta was boring! Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore woke me all the way up!
Kenya walks over to Sheree house from her house and I’m sitting here like? Kenya has no roof and Sheree has no running water so why is she outside sweeping the porch when this grass needs to be cut? She doesn’t even have a broom closet to store the broom at this point.

Sheree means well, but I think she is just scared to admit that she doesn’t have the coins to finish her Chateau in a reasonable time.

Kim & Kandi have a conversation about her Bedroom Kandi line which had Kim kind of interested in bringing something extra to her bedroom. Hmmm well, whatever she gets she might want to get two of them.

The ladies are invited on a boat trip after Kenya burned everybody up at the last event with no air, cups, and product. Everything seems to be going well although Kenya was a little bothered by Shamea tagging along with Porsha.

Kenya tries to confront Shamea and tells her that she wasn’t happy about her taking digs out her at the last event. When Shamea showed her that she wasn’t basically scared Kenya then tried to have her kicked off the boat. Things then turned even shadier when Cynthia and Porsha bumped heads.

Cynthia got upset after Porsha called her a “bitch” which was weird cause they had been calling each other that whole day. Cynthia had a couple of shots so I guess she was feeling herself.

Next thing you know Cynthia tells her that she wasn’t going to be disrespected and that even her dumbass she know better than that.She won’t tolerate Porsha’s “disrespect” but she will tolerate these businesses Peter keeps running in the ground. Ok. I’m just thinking Cynthia is struggling with her situation with her marriage and can’t handle her alcohol. Porsha tries to apologize to Cynthia, but that sh*t turned sour and Cynthia wasn’t feeling it.

The cameras black out and all you can hear is scuffling. I guess we won’t find out if Cynthia put her foot up Porsha’s new ass till next week.


Do you all think Cynthia was doing too much this episode? & Check out my RECAP video of tonight’s episode.