Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles Parent Co. File Bankruptcy!

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roscoes-logo-SOURCEChicken & waffles restaurants are having a tuff year! Not too long ago Glady’s Knight Chicken & Waffles on Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia failed a health inspection so who putting cursing on the chicken and waffle places. Now, Roscoe’s House of Chicken n Waffles is going under too. The parent company is filing bankruptcy and hoping to pay off some debt. Do not pass go do not sell any more waffles, well sell them so y’all can pay the light bill. The parent company said they are millions in debt and only have $50k in assets. Let’s hope they have at least $1 in their accounts to charge some gas until payday.

The parent company East Coast Foods filed not too long after losing a wrongful termination lawsuit to Daniel Beasley. A jury awarded Beasley $1.6 million and even raising the prices on fried chicken hasn’t helped them. The company said they need restructuring and I have to agree. Restructuring and rebranding a new everything! Let’s hope they get it together and teach other places how to keep a clean location no shade.

Welp, get President Obama on the line maybe he can give them some bailout money.


Do we need to start a GoFundMe for them?