Salty or Nah? Ayesha Curry Tweets & Deletes About Game 6 Being Rigged

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Ayesha ‘Wifey Goals’ Curry tweeted her thoughts about Game 6 and she quickly deleted them minutes later.

There is no doubt that Lebron James put an ass whipping on the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 tonight. The Warriors were beaten by the Cavaliers 115-101 and Mrs. Curry is skeptical on how that win happened.


Not your average trash talk but she claimed the game was rigged for ratings or money. Mrs. Curry was so frustrated that she misspelled ‘I’m’ with ‘in’ we feel your pain boo.

Especially after Steph’s layup was blocked by Lebron and gave him the look of death.

In my opinion, of course, all of this ish is rigged. You think they’re not going to milk it till it’s dry with all this money on the line?

I wonder why she deleted it considering that it’s already made it’s way around the web.

Anyway, see you Sunday, Mrs. Curry.

UPDATE! The Illuminati calls Ayesha Curry and now she says it was all in the heat of the moment. Ok girl.

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Do you think Ayesha Curry had a point or does she need to use this salt to season her chicken?