Scheming 101: Kirk Frost’s Alleged Baby Momma Jasmine Paternity Case Thrown Out

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Kirk Frost and his three earrings might be having the best day ever after his recent sort of court battle with Jasmine Washington that has come to an end.

As you can remember on last season’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jasmine accused Kirk of being the father of her son. Jasmine never made it to the reunion couch to discuss if the baby was truly Kirk’s. Rasheeda said during the reunion that she didn’t want Jasmine to get any shine for her mishaps, but that doesn’t sound right now that I think about it.


So it’s always a woman’s fault when men cheat? I’m so confused. Are we in the 60s?

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Rasheeda thought the majority of the blame should be on Jasmine because “It takes a woman to open her legs.” That’s a whole nother story.


Bossip is reporting that Judge Debra Turner had the case thrown out.

Judge Turner gave Washington two weeks to track down Frost and serve him with her paternity complaint or the case would be dismissed. Washington accused Frost of evading service, and her lawyer Tony Mathis told us they would go as far as getting a warrant to force him to accept the court papers. via Bossip

So Jasmine had almost a year to find Kirk and serve him papers but couldn’t? I’m calling bullsh*t. Atlanta isn’t that big, and I doubt Kirk lives in the city limits. You mean to tell Rasheeda isn’t trying to find out if her husband fathered another child during their marriage.

Sounds like a scheme that Todd set up to keep us in the bullsh*t and to keep Rasheeda, Kirk & Jasmine with a storyline for the upcoming season.

I don’t believe Kirk is the father of Kannon. I’m not believing any of it.


Do you believe Kirk fathered the child while wearing three earrings or is Jasmine just out to get a check?