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Secret & Lies | Love & Hip Hop New York S8 EP2 RECAP

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Secret & Lies and decaying teeth. Love & Hip Hop New York is back with the second episode and we get introduced into Cardi B. Cardi B is known on Instagram as the hip hop hopping man stealing stripper with a funny sense of humor.

b9UHPj6OShe is fiery and I like it! She is serving us Cita’s World mixed with a cheaper version of Joseline Hernandez. Slay us Cardi B just don’t shred us.

Rasheeda has had enough of dealing BBOD and decides she doesn’t wanna deal with Moe no more. I guess she meant No Moe Drama *plays piano*.

Rich Pennies aka Rich Dollas has a conversation with his daughter about her virginity. Nothing is wrong with him having the discussion with his daughter but… Do we think Rich would’ve asked this question it was his son instead?

Amina Butterfly is the most confused woman on this show to me. She refuses to get a clue and I’m sure the check is really needed. She doesn’t want to play Clue or Guess Who. Ms. Butterfly girl that man is cheating on you and making you look like a damn fool on television that’s all you need to know.

Remy & Pap discuss their wedding plans with their kids and Remy tries to put her foot down. It’s going to be hard for her to do that because she has been gone for so long. These kids have grown up in that time frame and it might be a little too late.

Peter Gunz, Amina and Tara have a conversation in an empty model apartment. For some reason, they’re discussing their relationships and Amina said she isn’t going to be silent anymore. Ok girl. Amina slaps the air off of Peter’s nose cause that’s all she hit. If you look closely she slapped him and he went the opposite direction of the slap. Mona Scott-Young do better. Please. That slap was the weakest shit I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some fake ass sh*t on this franchise. Anyway, I’m ready for Cardi B to kick in some Uber cars. Check out my RECAP below…




Is y’all ready for Cardi B to turn up like me?