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Shade of it All | Real Housewives of Atlanta S8 Ep1

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YESSSSSSSS!!!! We’ve been waiting for Sh*t By Sheree to make a grand entrance and she did that on this season premiere. The ladies are back with their peaches and CLAWdia Jordan is somewhere holding an unemployment application not knowing she can file for it out online. Kandi is pregnant and looking fabulous as ever and Todd is pressed that Phaedra hasn’t paid him his $8,000.00 back from a DVD they were working on. Cynthia & Peter are going through the most after a video surfaced earlier this year of him rubbing on some lady tig ole biddies. Peter claims it wasn’t that serious but Cynthia is finally standing up for herself and her credit cards. YESSS CYNTHIA! Kenya takes Cynthia around Buckhead in a rented Range Rover to look at her house and runs into Chateau Sheree wrapped up plastic & Peter Pans tears. We get to Kenya’s house down in the ditch surrounded by mold and cobb webs. Charlotte was somewhere spinning letters in the web saying “Asbestos Lives Here” Overall this Season premiere was really good! It was a cute Sunday night so let me get into this shade Vivica Foxx’s threw to 50 cent on “Watch What Happens Live”…. POOCH ON TO MY VIDEO RECAP