Sheree Whitfield Tried to Charge a Fan $5 for a PIC

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     $5 DOLLA $5 DOLLAR FOOTLONG!!! Ms.Sheree tried to charge me $5 for a picture Pride Weekend at Piedmont Park. I was on my way back from poochin’ around the park since this was my first Black Gay Pride I wanted to enjoy myself with my friends. Me and my homegirls *in my Bella Noches voice* get towards the gate and I hear “Get a picture with the one and only Sheree Whitfield from The Real Housewives of Atlanta” I was like chhhh Sh*t By Sheree ain’t been on the Housewives since yahoo messenger was hot so why she charging anybody for pictures. I then ask trade was he being serious about the $5 and he said yes. Ok, I’m thinking it must be one of them club pictures with bottles and cash in the background so it would be slick cute. Then trade said, “No we’re taking it with your phone.” My phone? Hell no. Chateau Sheree will have to be in the background for all that. Sheree looked at me crazy cause she knew that ish was true. Like come on now, be glad anybody even wants to take a picture with you at this point cause you’ve been gone so long. I pooched my a** right by that tent and recorded me leaving in disgust which went viral! Sheree is still building the Chateau but just not with any of my money.

Sherre Whitfield charging $5 to take pictures with her ?

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