Somebody Petty as Hell! Donald Trump’s Tombstone Shows Up at Central Park

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Oh lord and on the 3rd day they tried to lay him to rest! Who out here being petty by placing Donald Trump’s tombstones in the park for the dogs to piss on? Trump could possibly be the leader of the free world if we don’t let our voices be heard at the polls.

A lady who was waimagelking her dogs at the time discovered the tombstone at Central Park. Nobody was interesting in taking it down but instead took pictures. Some even said they wanted it framed in their house.


The tombstone read “Making America Hate Again” which is what Trump’s slogan should be instead of “Making America Great Again”. As of now no one knows who put the tombstone there. The tombstone could’ve been there for that tired ass toupee on his head cause it’s been dead for quite some time.


It’s amazing how much hate some have for him. It’s also hilarious that some political commenters can’t understand why no one is here for him. Somewhere I can hear the gold tooth weave sisters going in on a YouTube video.

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Do you think the tombstone was too much?