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Spoken Reasons Has A Problem But It’s Not With “N*ggas in Wigs”

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Spoken Reasons is upset that some heterosexual black men masculinity isn’t fragile and they can put on wigs and not be bothered.

There was a time when YouTubers like him were the only ones delivering the content but times have changed. Spoken Reason doesn’t get the traffic he once got years ago. 1.8 million subscribers and this video you did is only at 30k? He’s hurting and homophobic.


“If this ain’t the life you live”? Bruh what? Who said comedians actually had to live like what they do. I think this is just an attempt to remain relevant. He sounds like Blockbuster going off on RedBox and Netflix. Watch his video below.

One of the men in the picture he posted (Blameitonkway) had something to say. His response was golden and made me realize how intelligent he is.

There you go! Put him in his place! Swiftly & Professionally! I had some words for Spoken Reasons. I also had a black v neck on while speaking these words. Watch the video below. Grab your headphones.

The only thing I will say is that you do have to be careful with the wig thing. Sometimes you will be stuck in a gimmick and people will only want that from you.
What do you think of men doing videos in wigs?