Stacey Dash Says Pres. Obama “Doesn’t Give A Sh*t” Fox Suspends Her

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YESSSSS!!!! I would’ve never guessed the day that Fox News says that was too much and they did! After President Obama addressed the nation about the recent terrorist attacks Stacey Dash went and stuck her foot in her mouth. Stacey Dash was not satisfied with his speech and she went on a tangent for the white man.”I felt like he could give a s–, excuse me, like he could care less.”

Stacey Dash this is why you were the best candidate for the movie Clueless. Clueless to believe that you will ever matter to any of your so-called colleagues. If you for one second think that those people disagree with him because he is a Democratic President you are foolishly mistaken. Even though you sit with them you will never have a seat at the table. They are using you for color and you don’t even have any.

President Obama’s speech was just a speech. Did you want him to go on a tirade like Donald Trump? No matter what he did you all still will not be happy and he doesn’t speak for you but for the American people who are tired of your shit.

I’m glad Fox suspended her maybe she can take some time to get her sh*t together.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.

She we add Stacey Dash to the same trash pile with Raven Symoné?