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Step It Up! No 2nd Season?

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No 2nd season of ‘Step It Up’ ????? No ma’am, unfortunately, there will not be another Season of ‘Step It Up’ and that’s quite alright.



imagesMrs. Traci Young-Byron knew what she was doing honestly, even if it wasn’t what we wanted. This is not her first or last time on tv so she knows exactly what sells and gets views, but she didn’t want to follow it.


Throughout the season, we’ve heard Mrs. Young-Byron call herself a trendsetter and she wasn’t just talking about clothes. “Trendsetter– a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.” *Ideas* She had an idea that she would promote her company (YCDT) without all of the unnecessary drama and just let them dance.


We love dance, but sometimes it isn’t enough for some of us. The majority of us have been programmed for the last couple of years that we need certain things in order for us to watch or pay attention. In this day and age, a lot of us have short attention spans and Mrs. Young-Byron said that wasn’t her problem. The last 8 weeks we have watched her company and dancers grow. The only drama we received was Mrs. Young-Byron getting on her dancers because she felt they were not giving their everything. Nothing but dance from what I consider the Beyoncé of dance. Thank you, Mrs. Young-Byron although some of us can’t see it yet, you won in my eyes and a lot of others.


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