Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Gaffe, Every Dog Has His Day

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Steve Harvey is having the worst week ever and it’s only Tuesday. Chhh  the 2015 Miss Universe pageant aired live and must of us weren’t aware of it. Steve did, but he probably wished his mic wasn’t on when he botched the winner of the pageant.

The pageant went without any major hiccups that we could notice until it was time to announce the winner. Steve looking like a sexy ass Bounty towel announced the 1st runner up Miss Columbia as Miss Universe. Chile he should’ve used that Bounty Tuxedo to pick his face up off the ground after that mess! miss-univers-results-card

Baby Miss Columbia pooched to the spotlight thinking she was the winner! Some people were implying that the mistake was easy to  make considering the way the card was set up. I guess these are the same people that need “Hot Coffee” on a cup of HOT COFFEE! Now I’m not the best when it comes to speech but I’m not as seasoned as Steve. He on the other is a veteran when it comes to this. A radio show and talk show host and the ability to divorce wives in a blink of an eye. I can’t give him a pass even with terms and conditions because he might not read it right.

The PR team for Miss Universe are going to try to bury him and argue every move that he made was the reason that led to the mistake. They’re placing all the blame on him to secure their brand. Steve, however, did handle the situation the best way he could and took full responsibility for the incident.

Everything happens for a reason and now Miss Columbia is receiving more attention than the actual winner. Press interviews and everybody wants to know her mental state. First world problems right?

At this point, I don’t know why we are having competitions were we judge women on their looks. Not for me but that’s just my two cents. Check out the cringe-worthy video below. The look on Steve’s face had me screaming.

Do you think Steve can bounce back after this or was this just karma dragging him like a rag doll?