Stevie J Responds to Joseline “Only Ho*s Sell P**sy”

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Joseline & Stevie J arranged marriage is on the rocks, again. Joseline made her way to Hot 107.9 to I guess promote her music. Not even 6 minutes into the interview her relationship or lack thereof with Stevie J came up.

Now there is no doubt that the turn in their relationship is getting real. Joseline took to Twitter to throw subliminal shots a Stevie last week saying she had some tea on him. Somebody needs to let Mona Scott know that sh*t is about to get real out of hand.

Stevie J didn’t take it laying down. No pun intended. “Only ho*s sell p*ssy. So what does that say about you.” That’s what Stevie responded with a video. That wasn’t even the end of it. He also questioned her music career which we all have. Stevie said that songs he helped create 20 years ago are still paying residuals, unlike her music.

Judging from the look on Stevie’s face I don’t think he’s playing. It’s something going on. He also said that she was not in fact his wife. Something else we already knew. This soap opera is becoming redundant.


Stevie J spoke with so much authority and smooth! The Puerto Rican princess better be ready!

She was and she is still implying that Stevie may be gay. Joseline either say it or shut up. Every day, you’re on Twitter using this against this man. Put up or shut up.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.11.50 PMWith all this back and forth you would think that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion will be next week. It’s too much.

I’ll try to monitor this and see what else is said but I’m starting to think Joseline doesn’t have anything to share with us other than mispronounced words.



Do you believe Joseline might have some tea on Stevie J or are you at this point tired of hearing about this?