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Straight Outta Jackson | Bring It S3 EP1 RECAP

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YOU GOTTA WERK WERK! YESSS DD4L! Bring It is back and so are these over top red ass wigs.

Questions that need answering. Why is Tina still a parent on the show? $$$

We get a new parent and I’m liking her already! She has her own attitude and I love it. Some of the parents are curious as to why she waited to now to come to the Dancing Dolls if she knew Dianna so long. We will see how she deals with that.


Chile they have finally cleaned up the DollHouse and I can’t think sweet Jesus enough. They even have practice uniforms now! Yesss Dianna you better show me up!

Star & Sky have me scratching my weave. Cause I wanna know are they really interested in this or do they wanna be in Dexter’s Lab. Every time we seem the practice or dance they just don’t give the energy that we want to see.





None bias judges this season or what they say cause one of the judges on this episode seemed to vote for Divas of Compton no matter what. She seemed a little bias to me.IMG_1819

The first didn’t move too much but I did get my life seeing Kayla swing that purple weave. This season seems to be less drama and more dancing which is what we’ve been wanting. The editing was not the tea, though. I found myself struggling to follow the dancing.


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What did you think of the first episode?