Tamar Braxton Talks to Steve Harvey about Being Fired From ‘The Real’ & Future Talk Show in the Works

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Tamar Braxton went on ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ today to discuss how she felt about being let go from the ‘The Real’. The interview lasted for about 30 minutes. In the interview, Tamar said she doesn’t view herself as a celebrity and that she is just like everybody else. The interview showed a different side of Tamar a more human side. Come to find out Vince was the first to know after making a phone call to a producer who broke the news of her being fired.

He was just like, ‘I think you got fired, I think,'” Tamar said. “I’m like, ‘Whatchu talking about? Fired for what?’ My heart sunk into my shoes, really. I pretty much fell over.”

Tamar said her sisters along with her husband were there for her in full support.

Tonight’s episode of ‘The Braxton Family Values’ tonight will show her reaction 2 hours after she found out. The singer said she was on her way to film for the show when she heard the news from her husband Vince.

Steve Harvey said that his production company inked a deal with Tamar to produce a talk show.

“We saw the opportunity of what people may recognize as the end, but it’s not,” he said. “It’s such a beginning. She has such a bright future. She is such a star. She has so much to offer. She is a plethora of talent. We think she would make a great game show host, we think she would make a great talk show host, we think she’s in line to produce a number of series…we are proud to announce today that Tamar Braxton is already on her feet.”

This is great news for Tamar Braxton. Starting off the month with deals in the work is amazing after these long couple of weeks. Check out the full interview.

Now this is my opinion. So be prepared.

During this 30 minute interview, Steve did not ask her about some of the things that were said about her departure. Why was she let go? Was it truly Hollywood practices or was it some of her on doing? The focus group that said that working class women were not feeling her vernacular and body language. None of that came up. I won’t go in on Steve too bad because he isn’t a journalist.

This wasn’t an interview probably why she decided to do it in the first. No tough questions only praise and talk of her being the victim. It’s never Tamar’s fault. Stuff does happen I will agree but she should’ve shined some light on the situation. She only answered to the comments of it seeming like it was staged. Referring to why her face was beat and her hair was snatched. Which it did come off as scripted. Not one second do I believe the cameras were rolling while she received the news. I believe the producers called her and told Tamar that we need to get on this ASAP.

Tamar, they said that you were unprofessional and your actions may have caused to lose your seat on ‘The Real’ and you proved them right twice. You took to Instagram to say you were backstabbed by someone close to you. Never said who which led people to believe it was one of your co-hosts. This caused Loni Love to get dragged so bad she had to make a video.

Tamar commented on a picture that through shade at her former co-hosts.image Was the comment necessary nope but she did it.

This is the most humble I have ever heard you, ma’am. I believe you can go far in this industry but this attitude makes people feel uneasy about you.

Your former assistant made the situation worse by speaking for you which came off as unprofessional. It made us think that you put him up to it.

No question about the video of Loni saying she didn’t know anything that was going on. That should have been your time to tell everyone that she and others have done nothing to you being let go. I hope everything works out with this talk show cause I’m willing to see how much you have grown.