TBT: My Very First Video on YouTube

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JustinJ has always been crazy but many of you haven’t seen some of my first videos! From the park bench to Buckhead and thick black hair to a receding hairline! I’m still cute tho!

Years ago a friend told me stop doing videos on Facebook and upload them to YouTube. I finally did and it was just as random as the title. I didn’t understand why certain people shared statuses with things they were asking God for. So I shared my thoughts.

Yasssssss get into that skin!!!!!!!!! OMG I was sooooo innocent! Lies lol

Nothing is wrong with praying at all! But I didn’t think it was necessary to put it in a Facebook status unless you just want us to know that you’re a religious person.


Have you ever seen this video before? If you have then you have been rocking with me for a long time and I appreciate it!