The 3 Types of F*ck Boys You’ve Dated

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Are you single and confused and you don’t know why? Chile I feel your pain and I have been feeling like that for some years now but why? Why are some of us single? Well, I’m not going to spill all my tea in a blog with relationship issues I have. However, I will describe some of the f*ck boys of which I’ve encountered. These men don’t necessarily have to be gay, straight or bisexual they are all the same trust me.

There are several types but let’s start with these recent ones that irk my nerves.

1.” I’m not sure what I want I mean we’ve been talking and I like all the attention but not imagea relationship.” Have you ever heard or felt this from someone you’ve dated? They want all the things that come with commitment but not the actual title. Scared of commitment or just don’t wanna be tied down you name it. The mention of a future of anything is quickly turned into “We’re moving too fast.” Even if you’ve been dating for 6 months lol

They’re good with you spending time, money and energy poochin’ around town with them for months. They can’t make up their mind if they want a relationship or even one in the future. Well, let me tell you something. I don’t like wasting my damn money and time on someone who doesn’t know what the hell they want. If you don’t want a relationship just say that so I can save my Red Lobster gift card for somebody who deserves it!


2. The first date went well! You even sent him a special picture or two and the communication is A1! You’ve been dating for a couple of months and you don’t like getting off the phone with him. They’ve spent the night and you probably fooled around but nothing serious. We wanna hold out for the good until the time is right. Then BOOM! They get ghost on your ass! You specifically didn’t imagefollow them on social media because we’ve made that mistake with guy #1 so we’re trying to learn from our mistakes. You finally go to his Instagram and there you have it he’s in a relationship or exclusively with somebody else.

Ain’t you mad as hell? Oh, it gets worse when you go through the tweets and Facebook statuses to find out that the friend he was hanging with was the main boo all along. It kills you because you don’t know if you’re not attractive enough or entertaining. You wanna go like one of the pics of him with him and the bae to be petty. Don’t. Let them be. More than likely they let him move in within a month on some tricking off ish. Something we are not willing to do.


3.”Wyd? Nothing. Chillin. At home.Wyd? Wyd?” GO AWAY FROM ME WITH THIS! Sexy as hell. No dates yet just sleep overs. Netflix and chill type teas. You’re imagecool with that cause he’s cute and you let him slide with more than others get away with. He’s not asked you out on a date and you haven’t either. You’re scared you might scare him away. The fact that he’s extremely attractive has trumped your logical thinking. He’s not that bad of a guy but you don’t see yourself in a relationship with him. The chemistry is just not  there and his communication is shit.

That’s why he justs comes over to chill. Both of  you have iPhones but you’ve never Facetimed him because you know the conversation will last 3 minutes max. The conversation is good only when you’re in the bed together. You’re not completely sure what you’ve gotten yourself into and not sure if you want it to end. What do you do? Chile I don’t know but I’m about to call him now since it’s raining. Bye Girl!!


More to come in the future. Stay tuned…