The Biggest Name in Music Makes His Way to Ellen… DRAKE!

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Is we gone give Drake his crown or nah? Drake has dominated the charts this week and he is making his rounds!

Not only has Views his new album made it to the #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 a week ago, the album has sold 852,000 copies in its first week! Add in the album streams and you get 1.04 million. Yes ma’am Drake did not come to play.

Ellen announced that the “Biggest Name in Music” will appear on her show as scrolled through the audience with Drake dancing on her shoulder. This will not be Drake’s first time on Ellen however.

I do not watch Ellen but I’m interested to hear what Drake has to say about all of his success with his album. He did discuss that he wasn’t as close to Nicki Minaj as once before so I’m wondering what else is on his mind. Drake how high is your light bill now that Odell Beckham has been crashing their lately?

Drake will also appear on Saturday Night Live as well.


Will you be watching Ellen to see Drake or are you uninterested lol