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The Crown | Love & Hip Hop New York S6 Ep1 RECAP

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Remy Ma and her stairway to heaven wig piece debuted tonight on Love & Hip Hop New York and I was livid! Just when we think we’ve seen enough ratchet tv Mona Scott Young drops another one on us. The first episode was more than enough for to keep me interested in this season.

moeAll of the cast looks great, but I do have some concerns about the Ghetto Wonder Twins. Never heard of BBOD and I don’t know if they just left a Dancing Dolls training camp. They’re ready for the turn-up and new outfits too hopefully.

Remy Ma is glad to be back after serving 6 years in prison and her husband is looking out for her. She’s on parole, but one wrong move could put her and that tired lace front back in the pen.Papoose seems to be a good man is treating Remy good.

Tara & Peter Gunz still screwing were the mice and roaches lay… on the DAMN floor! How many seasons will it take before either one of them head to Rooms to Go? Amina seems to be okay with them kicking it but doesn’t know if they’re screwing which has confused. Amina if you don’t go get some dignity about yourself.

We get introduced to Young B who Yandy is managing. Young B is famous for her cute hard to remember song “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Let it rain now her bank account is cleared out. Hopefully, Yandy can help her out.

Overall, this was a cute episode and I’m excited to do a RECAP on it. Check it out below…




Will you be joining me in the ratchness this season?