The Miseducation of K.Michelle

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The views and opinions expressed in this post solely belong, to Goodie Proctor don’t ask me about the name that’s what he chose lol


Let me get right into it and pick up this damn mic….

I swear this must be the year of the “Black Chyna” aka the year of the “Petty”, misinformed, and outward negative energy conductors towards stuff that doesn’t involve you prospering beyond your current level of consciousness…. my case in point K. Michelle.


***Please note this is old information, I wrote this post about a good four days ago and because of my current self-prescribed gym time, work & school schedule, facebook stalking regiment coupled with my need to always be down with “CPT”  this notation is coming a bit late.  But regardless it is something that has been marinating on my soul and I think it’s something that it’s some points that still need to be addressed.***

Now the other day singer, songwriter, and self-proclaimed “fence jumper” K. Michelle made a statement  along the lines of that “if a black girl was to come out with a song like “Hello”, it wouldn’t get as much radio play” Now this statement though opinionated and SOMEWHAT true really pissed me the fuck off. Why? Because not only is it partly fictitious and very much reaching, race baiting, and very self-damaging. It’s also borderline ignorant and above all subliminally shady towards the DAIRY QUEEN (and I say that with love)  Adele.


What I feel like K. Michelle was really TRYING to convey is that Adele’s song “Hello” really ain’t shit, and if SHE (K.Michelle) would have dropped the same song it would not have gotten any radio play because she is a black woman. And the only reason why “Hello” was such a big hit was because the non-apparent melanin in her skin. But remember we are under the Chinese year of the “Black Chyna” and because  of this all things this year will be both partly clouded and lined with subliminal shade, with a strong chance of a downpour of pettiness…..

imageNow like I said I somewhat agree with what K. Michelle said in regards to if CERTAIN black women’s would have come out with a song along the lines of “Hello” then it wouldn’t get any airtime. But only if that said women was from the same “Ratchet Regional” high school ghetto graduating class of 2016 from to whom the valedictorian is Gilbert Arenas, and the principal is Aretha Franklin.

But all jokes aside….Like is it honestly believable to hear K. Michelle singing a song like “Hello”? and I’m not talking about vocally because momma can sing, but in the context of the her life and the things we know about K. from her time on shows like Love and Hip Hop and various other media outlets,  She has painted herself into a corner of being that “around the way girl” who has so much potential of being something great but can’t seem to leave the block.


K.Michelle lacks growth. She was introduced to most of the world nearly six years ago, and other than some hair changes, and a booty reduction, nothing much has changed. Especially where it counts in her persona or her attitude when it comes to walking away from certain toxic situations. My momma always said “Misery loves company”, and I’m starting to really rest on the notion that not matter how much she tries to stay away from the air of misery it’s just something so sweet about that smell that it draws her back in. and just like a moth to a flame, it burns her every time.

Now I don’t know about you, but when it comes to people singing love songs, and belting out ballads the first thing that I need is for them to be able to sing. The second thing I look for is if the person can convey what they are singing within that song. Or else it comes off as the “Bow Wow” effect.

imageWhat is the “Bow Wow” effect? The “Bow Wow” effect is where we know too much about a person to even really take you seriously when it comes to the context of what you are singing or saying. It’s like when you know a person is lying to you about their life because the obsequity of it has never been something that has shielded or shied away from.  So in the case of a song like “Hello” it wouldn’t be believable for me to hear K.Michelle sing it because I don’t see her in the same light that I see someone like Adele in. Adele can virtually come out with a song about her popping her camel toe in the club while snorting coke and I would have no choice but to believe it because we don’t know much about Adele. She puts out hit records and then disappears, her life is not on camera for us to watch every week so I have no choice but to believe the context of what she is saying in her music. In the case of K.Michelle, it’s the exact opposite. It’s almost like she’s too candid. I know too much about her so when it comes to her singing about calling an ex on the phone I can call bullshit just by doing a light google search of how her last relationship ended.

Does that make sense to you? Let me give you the moral of the situational story. “When you create a house of glass to which everyone can see into, don’t then try and sell me the idea of your house being clean”


I love K.Michelle, I know it might not seem that way from the above but I swear I do. I love her hustle, drive, and ability to keep it real when it comes to situations in her life.  I just hate it when people who have platforms use them to try and tear the next person down, and then within the same breath try and play the victim. There will ALWAYS be a lane for women like K.Michelle to perform and peddle their music. There are tons of women out there who like K. LOVE to play the victim in their lives instead of taking responsibility for their actions. If K.Michelle wants more radio play then maybe she should learn to not only cater to the women in her current lane but also look to help the women in the other two as well. Like most highways there are three lanes. Perhaps focus on being in the center lane? Or else I don’t see her career ending up arriving at the destination that I know she’s driving and striving towards.


Your thoughts?