‘The Real’ Reportedly to Seek Legal Action for Tamar’s ‘Reenactment’ of Being Fired

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Just when we thought it was going to be over after cried tears on Braxton Family Values last night. More sh*t is about to hit the fan.

Braxton Family Values aired last night and it was supposed to show Tamar’s reaction to being let go from ‘The Real‘. It was cute for tv and most certainly gained some extra viewers but some of the production wasn’t impressed. They thought it was a ‘reenactment’ and completely staged. Daily Mail is reporting that a source who allegedly works for the Braxton Family Values said everything, in fact ,was staged.

‘They reenacted the day that Tamar found out she was fired and staged an entire scene where Tamar is laying in bed crying and declaring that she doesn’t know why she was fired, while her sisters attempt to console her,’ a source, who viewed the episode told Daily Mail Online.- Daily Mail

To make matters worse The New York Post reported that Tamar’s husband who was an executive producer on ‘The Real’ knew of the firing was coming 2 weeks before it happened.

Seems like someone is lying and all of this isn’t adding up. Everybody is telling their side of the story but no one has released any proof. It was a rumor that production was going to release a video of her going off and cursing out production. That still hasn’t been seen.

imageNow it’s being reported that letters were sent to WeTV, Tamar & Vince that they might need to remember their confidentiality agreements. That’s if they continue with the narrative that she is the victim then they may have to seek legal action.

All we know is that Tamar will no longer be on the show. Nothing has been confirmed but she will not be returning for season 3. According to Daily Mail producers wanted to let Vince go and have a meeting with Tamar. The meeting was supposed to discuss what she needs to do to keep her job. We know that didn’t happen.

My opinion. At this point, I’m not sure who to believe because we have no proof of anything. The tapes of her throwing a fit could be leaked if they are true but it would hurt ‘The Real’ more than anyone else. It would seem too messy. These people have been in the industry way too long and they know how to play the game. The game is to slander you without them being able to be sued.

Which is why they might be threatening her with a lawsuit now. The whole ordeal is unprofessional and it’s a bit too much. I believe they wanted to let her go swiftly but when she continued to talk mess things changed.

On Braxton Family Values last night, she cried a river and said she wasn’t able to promote her album. Karama is knocking on her door 3 years later. We knew this was coming that’s why everybody is interested in the story.

Tamar, please find out what you want to do. Either be an artist or a reality star.