The Weave Sisters Strike Again! ‘Stump for Trump’ Girls Discuss Republican Debate

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Diamond and Silk are trolling us and are working every bit of my nerves. They continue to go on television looking and sounding a fool. One of their eyebrows looks like a 2nd-grade science project and the other one who barely talks eyeball is leaning over to the left looking for weave glue.

imageThese ladies went on CNN and to discuss the GOP Debate and they couldn’t even answer basic questions. Carol Castello showed a clip and asked how did they feel about some of the attacks that Marco Rubio hit Donald Trump with. The 27 piece sisters were not here for Rubio’s comments on googling Trump and the things that come up when searching his name. The fact that although he doesn’t support a path to citizenship to illegal aliens he does, however, supports hiring them when he can’t find Americans who want to work.

Carol Castello stopped them in their tracks because it made no sense and can not be proven. They threw the word ‘allegedly’ to save them.

“He know how to create jobs. He hire people.” They can’t even form complete sentences on live tv and expect somebody to take them seriously. The coon sisters couldn’t even explain why other African Americans are not behind him like they are. Maybe because they’re not on Trump’s payroll. I wouldn’t mind taking these ladies seriously if they gave me legitimate reasons on why they support this man. But they can’t. They are just trash.


Are the Coon Sisters encouraging you to vote for Donald Trump and if so why?