“This B*tch Got Control Problems” Future Tweets About Ciara

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Flat face ass Future said NEW YEAR NEW ME! He tweeted a couple of subliminal shots at Ciara on Twitter. Calling Ciara a bi*ch and saying she has control issues.




Before the leasing office can even start posting the first late notices of the year Future decides to be petty. It looks as though in 2016 he will try to get custody of his son Baby Future. He took to Twitter diss Ciara and all the money he has spent in court battles.

I’m not sure how to feel about Future. I wanna believe that Ciara was trying to make it with him and it just didn’t work. His relationship credit is already shot to the curb. He has 3 kids with 3 women and that’s not including his child with Ciara. To call the mother of your child, a “bitch” is a little too much. To do it in public where we can see is even more, disgusting. He had more to say on Twitter about his plans in 2016 to get more time with baby Future.



Do you think Future could’ve got his point across without calling her a bitch?