This Panda Remix Video Takes the Cake! A Must Watch!

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It has got to the point now where no one wants to hear anyone’s music that isn’t on the radio already! You can walk in the mall right now and somebody will give you a 5-second promo and ask for your debit card. This happened to me in Jackson, MS last month and I was confused on what I was buying. Go away from me with this mixtape!

Panda by Desiigner is one of the hottest songs on the radio now . A couple of others have tried to duplicate it and it hasn’t been as successful. Well, that’s until these guys came along.

It took them a minute to get to the point but once the first verses dropped with the visuals I was ecstatic! Finally, someone could actually get a couple of dollars out of me for a free mixtape. No shade. It’s always good to see some of our brothers with talent just show it. No gimmicks just talent.


What did you think of the video? All of them were good but which verse touched and agreed with your soul?