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Throwback: Framel and Miss Tony | Catfish S2 E2 RECAP

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FRAMEL WAS NOT PERFECT BY FAR! *in my Porsha Williams voice*

imageRemember when Ms. Tony got gooped by Framel on catfish and shed them fake light skin tears? Anthony thought he was about to meet trade and almost lost his shit when somebody else came out. Still to this day I believe he knew what Framel looked like and played him to get on tv. Let’s just say after the episode aired his stock went up while Framel was looking crazy. Welp some of Miss Tony’s old myvidster videos started popping up but that’s another story….

41BE248A-355A-48E8-BF31-C1C3C95AC809-3255-000001C04FF32853_113e6326b34.1.2.mp4This was one of Catfish’s best episodes but it came off the expense of Framel’s self-esteem. It was funny but it shined a bright light on how certain black gay men are treated if they don’t look a certain way.

Even I couldn’t clown Framel too much because I can only imagine how hard it is trying to fit in with a group that’s already looked down on.

Take a look at my review of the episode and tell me what you think.


LMFAO get into my slope of a -3 hairline leaning over to the LEFT!


Do you think Anthony knew what was up or was Framel wrong for gooping him?