Throwback: Tamar’s Low Budget “Hot Sugar” Video

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Remember when Tamar Braxton released ‘Hot Splenda Sugar’ well I do cause I couldn’t sleep that night laughing so hard!

‘Hot Splenda’ was a cute song but the video was serving tired Beyonce Drag Queens teas and the editing was terrible.

Her edges looked burnt and the makeup made her look like something out of Silicon Valley. What’s even worse is that she thought it wasn’t bad at all.


Sadly he didn’t even get to answer the question after getting blocked. You will not question the queen of edges about her video.

The video amassed over 5 million views but 18,000 dislikes. The concept was confusing and when she hit one of the dancers in the eye with her ponytail I threw my laptop.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.42.20 PM

The night the video released her and K.Michelle exchanged some words on Twitter.

Hot Sugar has been locked back in the Disney Vault to never see the light of day ever again.

Take a look out at me and AdrianXpression review on it!

Did Tamar snatch your edges on this video or did she try to snatch them to use for her own?