ThrowBack: You Should’ve Never Called Me A Fat A** Kelly Price! Catfish Antwane & Carmen!

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We can never forget Antwane and Carmen on season 3 of Catfish!

catfish-3Carmen reached out to Nev & Max on behalf of his cousin Antwane who was dating a guy named Tony online who he had never seen or met.

Antwane had dated and I don’t know how in the hell you date somebody without going out on dates lol. They talked for a period of 3 years. Antwane finally met Tony thanks to Nev and Max when Carmen just said the hell with it! Tony don’t call no more! *in my Solange voice*

Tony was Carmen all along! Carmen’s cousin Antwane was catfishing him the entire time with phone calls and everything! Talk about the level of pettiness! But the real tea was the reason she did it!image

Carmen was mad for Antwane making fun of her weight and saying she looked like a fat ass Kelly Price! The shit was so funny it still has Twitter laughing 2 years later!

Baby, she trolled his ass for 3 years! I hope to one day be able to be that petty! Gagged his ass in stretched out leggings and a Rainbow jacket. Fix it Jesus.

Antwane and Carmen are still not cool to this day and only see each other on Seafood night at Ryan’s Buffet.

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Do you think Carmen and Antwane will ever speak to each other at Ryan’s buffet?