Traci aka Supa BlackGirl Addresses Supporters & Future of YCDT [VIDEO]

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If you were wondering where Traci Young-Byron has been up to and where are her dancers stay tuned and get ready.

Supa BlackGirl stayed silent and remained professional when it came to certain questions that supporters had about Step It Up and will she ever return to Bring It. Well, she stayed professional but not silent lol.

“Will you open up other studios in other cities?” Traci Young-Byron says she is focused on the Supa Studio in Miami but it is definitely interested in doing so in the future.

“When is YCDT coming back to TV, I actually enjoyed your show and your work?” She isn’t sure when it will come back and explains how Step It Up came about. Those of us who watched Bring It knew that the episodes that featured the SupaStarz were exciting and that they made the Dancing Dolls “step it up” a bit. The producers came to her with the show after seeing she brought higher ratings when featured. Traci even mentioned that the producers wanted the show to be called Bring It- Traci’s Way. I almost hit the floor when she said that and I did hit IT when the receipts were provided.




Not even I knew this but I’m not surprised at all. Well, she answered a couple more questions in the video take a look.

This video is in response to the questions that were asked on Instagram. I wasn’t able to tackle them all but maybe I’ll do a part 2. Excuse the makeup…just finished our YCDT Rep photo shoot. #SupaStudio #YCDT #Professional #SupaBlackGirl #Share #ThankYouForSupportingYCDT #KeepingMyWord #Correction #TheyWantedToCallItBringItTracisWay

Posted by Traci Young on Sunday, February 21, 2016

I can appreciate Traci’s honesty and professionalism.  Even with Step It Up and Bring It not in her future that doesn’t stop her from continuing being successful with her dancers and her company.

The beginning of Black History Month her company performed at their very own 12661897_10206001631422669_6954898575538429757_nshow “Soul Deep” at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami. Which at one point in time did not allow black artists to perform and now a lot of known blacks artists like herself have performed there. Pushing it to the limit while still remaining humble you have to respect it.

Her former dancers have performed with big named artists and one of them Bianca Brewton who performed with Janet Jackson during her tour performed with Beyonce at Super Bowl 50.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre even made a stop at Traci’s Supa Studio in Miami!! Yasssss! Her dancers got a chance to get up and personal with some very inspiring individuals.


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As for her dancers, that are graduating this year…

#FSU #Seminole #Dreamschool #Tally ❤️

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12662567_10205977649463135_6949612907828129968_nBeing accepted into colleges with full scholarships in dance and academics. All of this black excellence in one post is making my credit score go up! Traci Young-Byron will have another show in Miami later this summer at the Jackie Gleason Theatre!

YCDT and Supa BlackGirl are not going anywhere. We might not find them on a TV show right now but that’s ok that doesn’t mean she or her students are not succeeding. Thank you Traci-Young-Byron for showcasing you and your company to us. You’re an inspiration to all of us to keep on poochin’ thru.