Tré Melvin Tried to Recreate “Shit Black Gays Say” and Failed

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Add sugar, a few gay phrases and the word “nigga” and you get “Shit Black Gay Guys Say” video by famous YouTuber Tré Melvin.

I thought for a minute that time had passed by me and it was April 1, 2016, and I had already spent my refund check. Nope, it’s not even April Fools day or even White History Month.

Tré is a successful YouTuber and I respect him but this latest video was pure trash and offensive. Nothing about it was funny. It wasn’t naturally funny just forced tired reads in a beautiful background.



In the studio not live teas. Meaning Tré slays when it comes to editing but he has never been naturally funny to me and this video is my receipt for it. In all honesty, I don’t think he was even fully comfortable doing the video that’s why the title is weak ‘Shit Black Gay Guys Say’ sounds like a CNN article that was trying to report on black twitter.

We already have a ‘Shit Black Gays Say’ video that we were blessed with 4 years ago by KidFury and it still slays today. Not saying that it can’t be duplicated but if you’re going to try to recreate at least let it be better than the original. Check out KidFury’s first if you haven’t already.

Now I want you to see the unseasoned not even Lawry’s version that the whites stole Tré Melvin did and tell me what you think.





IMG_1641I hated it and was left dry waiting for a laugh to come out my soul but it didn’t. Anyway, this is just my opinion on the video but feel free to tell me what you think.


What did you think of both of the videos?


p.s. Black YouTubers are sometimes twice as funny as others but there is a reason that we don’t get the recognition that they get.

“You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have!”