Twitter User Drags Cherry Picking Christians and Homophobes in 15 Tweets

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The day has come when someone who is well versed on the bible and gay tells it like it is. Twitter User ‘Masc Potato’ scalped a couple of cherry picking Christians who so happen to be homophobes. These individuals always claim they know their bible in and out.

Knowing your bible is one thing. To follow the teachings and live your life every day like the bible says is another story. We’re seeing a lot of that from people who throw stones but live in glass houses.

Get into these shady tweets with supported facts that you can’t cast stones if you don’t have your life all the way right.

















I’m doing research right now and he has a point! Stay in your lane and worry about your glass house first. This is what I recieved from his rant.


What do you think? Does he have a point? Also which one of these ‘sins’ do you struggle with?