Tyrese Says “TGT” is Done! Ginuwine Calls Him A “Wack Diva”

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If you care or not TGT is no longer a mission go says Tyrese on Instagram. This shit was inevitable to be honest. Are we surprised, though?

Tyrese sent this heartfelt post out to just let the fans know what’s up. I’m guessing something happened recently and he was just fed up with the shit. That didn’t stop Crackhead Ginuwine for gathering him in the comments before the post was deleted.



Meanwhile, Tank somewhere in that trap-house needing to pay off them rented lawn chairs…



Whatever Ginuwine is on I need the ingredients; I love when a light skin man goes in on social media. He was the real Diva chile. A tired useless Diva who is strung out and can’t get it together. They should’ve been let his ass go when he was on stage tweaking out!

Yes! We didn’t forget! TGT performed back in 2013 and it was horrible. Ginuwine looked like his soul was about to slide out his body. Tyrese looked pissed and Tank couldn’t help but laugh in the background.

Refresh your memory and watch below. I even did a video on it!


What do you think of Ginuwine leaving the group?