Valedictorian Denied from Graduation Because of Facial Hair | Was It Worth It?

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Andrew Jones the valedictorian for the 2016 class of Amite High School was denied participation in his high school graduation. The reason may sound foolish.

Jones was denied for his facial hair which goes against the school’s grooming policy for graduation. Yes. In an interview with WWLTV Jones said he had worn his beard for 4 years now with no problem. The administration gave him a chance to shave before the ceremony and he refused. Leading them to strip him of his robe, cap and gown. So why now? – Jackson, MS

Jones was warned. Although, he says that it wasn’t highly enforced he was warned. What it worth it is my biggest question. Did he gain anything by standing firm against the school? He has gained media attention but as the valedictorian, he didn’t get a chance to send his fellow classmates off with a positive message.

We can’t speak for Jones and tell him what he should’ve, could’ve done because it is too late. His mother made it seem like it was the schools fault that he didn’t walk. It’s his fault and the school’s fault. The school didn’t lose anything. Did Jones or gain anything?



How would you have handled it as a parent? Would you have encouraged your son or daughter to shave and go on?