Waka Flocka & Tammy Calling It Quits After 2 Years?

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Looks like Tammy got her storyline for the next season of LHHATL! She needed it!

The couple just celebrated their 2-year marriage back in January. Now, Tammy, has everyone scratching their head after what she posted on Instagram. Waka Flocka & Tammy seemed to be over. Tammy took to Instagram and posted a cryptic message that didn’t say much.


Seeing this it might seem like Tammy was happy about her marriage. Nothing to look too much into. That’s until someone posted a comment saying “Waka lucky.” Tammy responded “Was luck” meaning past tense for those who don’t know.





Tammy what happened?!?! Stevie J & Joseline now y’all? I wonder did Tammy get tired of Waka’s antics and just said enough is enough.

Well, she might as well sign a deal with Mona Scott for next season or sell some more of that swimwear on Instagram.



What do you think of the break-up? Do you believe Waka wasn’t faithful or are we getting prepared for the reunion?